Saturday, October 21, 2006

The tramp stamp?

I dont know what it is with me, but I felt the urge to do some research on the origins and stigmas surrounding the lower back tattoo AKA "tramp stamp". I couldn't believe it, but there is even a definition on Wikipedia! What is the origin of this design? Is it merely for whores, sluts and strippers?

Quite simply, the reason people get lower back tattoos vary, but the simple stigmas surrounding them exist, as can be seen in random Google and Yahoo! searches: "I am afraid to say but yes they are indeed known by that and aka c_m target. Guys are not nice about this. Look nice, can hide, but labels you as a [she-goat] I like them but wouldnt get one for that reason."

Raven Mack:"America’s a great place because there’s all kinds of weird shit around to occupy time, whether it be drugs or porn or weird chicks with tattoos on their lower back highlighting the fat ass they’re barely covering up with a pair of blue jeans."

Mother Tongue Annoyances: "Let me repeat what I think is a key part of the Wikipedia definition: "the lower back tattoo functions as body decoration, while underlining sexual attractiveness." "

E's Surf Report:Speaking of that tramp stamp, big stripper/slut tatoos on the lower back, I saw the funniest thing this weekend at the 24 Hr Fitness off of Bryant. There was this short dude, in his 30's, with a flabby behind that was walking butt naked in front of me to the showers. The guy had a big stripper tatoo above his ass on the lower back. It was so hilarious!

And I can go on for ages...the whole idea is that the lower back tattoo seems to be synonymous on a surface level with whores, sluts and strippers. It simply is, as the guy in the Wedding Crashers movie said, a "bulls eye" for Playboys!

However, I came upon this site "The Tao of Tattoos", and as much as I am always doing research to get to the root of something, I found this interesting quote:

According to ancient beliefs the lower back is an area that has a lot of stored energy in the form of 'kundalini' so this may explain why people are naturally drawn to this area. A lot of people have reported extraordinary sensations when getting lower back tattoos done. Kundalini is a Sanskrit word whose essential meaning is circular or winding. It is also a name used in Yoga for a snake like inner energy. It is believed that this energy was stored in the lower back area.

Now, this doesn't mean that a woman who has a lower back tattoo put it on there because of some ancient beliefs. Truth of the matter is that she may be a stripper, a whore, or a slut on one hand, but on the other hand she might be just a trend follower or somebody who got the lower back tattoo because she thought it looked sexy! Following that logic, its one thing to put on a pair of lower rider jeans to look sexy; styles can be switched up. But, a lower back tattoo is something that more or less could be for life, even after the novelty of it has came and went (if that kind of novelty has such a short life.)

I admit, I like them, I think they are hot, but as I have shown in this post, the stigmas surrounding them are too negative, and though nobody should care if they are labeled a slut or a tramp, and the fact that nobody should be seeing it unless they show it to the whole world, all things should be considered........

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