Friday, October 20, 2006

How could we forget....???

Trips me out how alot of this generation of hip hop fans can break down Tupac's life story down to every date, place and event that Tupac ever experienced, but when it comes down to other history, they remain totally ignorant.

Like this week marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Black Panther Party. However, unless you watch History TV or C-SPAN, you would never know it!

I guess given that its an old school thing, a whole other generation and time, and alot of these kids might think, "If that group were so great, then why are things still so messed up today?"

That whole era of the late eighties, with Public Enemy teaching kids about Assata and Huey Newton, made movements like that relevant to us who lived at that time. When that got played out (after the movie Malcolm X came out), and when "gangsta" moved in, that paved the way for somebody like Tupac to replace Malcolm X as a relevant figurehead for black history.

I still think that the legacy of the Panthers is relevant for this generation and beyond. Check out to see what I am talking about.

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