Friday, October 27, 2006

Week in review 10/23-10/27

I started out the week listening to the CD for the funk/latino/rap group 40 Watt Hype, and I wanted to write a review, but I just didnt have the time. It's a good CD available for download on Emusic, and I'm going to write that review this week for sure. On Tuesday, I read about "Gangs and Street Power" which is part of a series being written by Darryl James of EUR Web about gangs and their birth. In this part he talked about how drugs and guns came into the whole gang thing as an initiation into street organizations. On Wednesday, it was all about white America scrutinizing the black senators who are trying to make a come up. Its funny how in articles like "Obama is overrated" and then the anti Harold Ford political advertisment showing how he is "messing with white girls" like it really matters makes you think that white America doesn't want black politicians to succeed. Harold Ford will be the second black senator after Obama if he wins. And regardless of whether he wins a senate seat in Maryland or not, in terms of blackness, this punk Michael Steele does not count. I dont care if Russell Simmons is supporting him. Quite frankly, I dont care who Russell Simmons supports!On Thursday, I found an interesting definition in Wikipedia-"Black Supremacy" On Friday, I was wondering, why are 2Pac fans (most of whom probably didn't like his music when he was alive)mad about the upcoming 2Pac album that Afeni is putting out?

Seriously to diss an album you never heard is really a depressing look at some of the fan base that Tupac has. A world loved icon not only in hip hop culture; but Tupac was a poet, actor, writer, activist and a strong Black man who made his mark in this world and is due more respect than he is showed. The most distressing thing is to see Afeni have to go thru this with every album that Amaru puts out.

But these people who are mad are the same ones who brought that crappy 2Pac album that Eminem put out a couple years ago. If Eminem put out this one, they'd buy 2 copies of each and tell everybody else to do the same. Screw 'em.

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