Saturday, March 12, 2005

50 Cent's "Piggy Bank"

I finally downloaded 50 Cent's song "Piggy Bank" off Napster, and to me it is lame. Totally. The beat of course is tight, 50 gets the best beats in the industry, but 50 doesn't really bury his opponents the way he could have. He just shows how bad he and his opponents and other current rappers are.

I remember back in '84 the first time I heard "Roxanne's Revenge". Roxanne Shante did back in those ol' school days what 50 is doing now; taking on all the rap stars of her time. She came out dissing Run DMC, in "Bite This", she dissed Rob Base in "It Takes A Real Man" (on the Colors movie soundtrack), and then when she came out with "Big Momma", she dissed MC Lyte, Yo-Yo, Queen Latifah, and Salt N Pepa. She was the ultimate hater. KRS-One said it best "Roxanne Shante is only good for steady f--king".

In the end, like Roxanne, I think 50 is just playing himself. He's not going to get respect dissing people for merely associating with people he doesn't like. And how far will he go in carrying on his crusade? After all, Eminem, who is practically pimping him, did the "Lean Back" remix. His G-Unit associate, Lloyd Banks, did a song with the Alchemist, who is on Koch Records, a record label 50 Cent despises (he called it an "artists graveyard") if you believe what he is saying in the pages of his Vibe interview.

What's funnier though is the fickle little wannabe message board gangstas who are all of a sudden dissing Fat Joe and Jadakiss because of "Piggy Bank". They dis Fat Joe: "He needs to get off his fat azz and do some sit ups before dissing 50." Last summer, these same kids were all in their bedrooms jumping up and down on their beds playing "Lean Back" really loud despite their Mommys screaming "Turn that rap crap down!" These kids are dissing Jada, trying to say he's not "gangsta" because he went to college. These same kids were bumping Why? a few months ago, and actually wondered why "Bush knocked down the towers."

Getting back to 50 Cent though, I'd love to see 50 and Jadakiss go head to head in a rhyme battle. I've heard that Jadakiss challenged him, but like Nas did to Jay Z in declining a pay per view challenge when their so called beef fizzled, I think that this interesting match up will never see the light of day. Jada's diss response was weak, I'll admit, but 50 needs to prove how ill he isn't and step in the ring with Jada.

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