Thursday, March 10, 2005

Commentory on today

First of all, I thought it was funny as hell that Michael Jackson showed up to trial in his pajamas. I'd like to do the same, show up all disheveled and casual like I just don't care. At this point, MJ shouldn't care. People are out to get him for his money, and the media machine is shamelessly exploiting his story.

Talking about shameless exploitation, this whole thing with Game and 50 is just a joke. A truce? Cmon, this was some straight up BS! Fake, just a way to sell a bunch of records. However, I was sleeping on GAME, as I heard his jam "Dreams" on a DJ Clue mix CD, and I actually thought he was hot on that track. It was pretty deep, how he was relating his dream to those of Martin Luther King, Huey Newton, and fallen rap icons like Left Eye and Tupac. Then, he ends it with a dedication to Venus and Serena William's sister who died in crossfire in a Crips/Bloods shootout. He even named the date and time of that event. So, GAME has some potential, but this truce thing, I'm not really feelin' it.

Just would like to welcome the various 5% Nation bloggers like the C'BS ALife Allah of the Journal of Allah's Five Percent. I'm not a 5 percenter myself but it is good to see these brothers coming to this blogosphere, and I'd rather read what they write as oppossed to putting up with all these Right Wing nutcases and their crap.

Heard the Fat Joe dis cut directed at 50 Cent, and I have to say that honestly I liked Ja Rule's "Loose Change" better, but that jam never got radio play. Joe's cut, called "Curtis Jackson", was alright. It was so-so. Will 50 destroy Joe's career? I hate to think that 50 actually destroyed Ja's career. I actually don't think he did. Ja was coming out with some BS albums, he was trying to say he was 2Pac resurrected, and his musical formula was becoming monotonous and the crossover hip hop fans weren't feeling it. Once you lose them, then it's over. Let's not forget the legal problems Murder Inc (AKA The INC.) ran into being associated with big time drug dealers.

However, with Joe and Jadakiss, I guess only time will tell if 50's jabs will destroy their careers. I think Fat Joe thinks more people like him than they actually do, and as for Jada, he's struggling to get some kind of recognition and to finally get that classic album out; this task seems to evade him. Fat Joe will be out but he's been in the game long enough, he's got his money, and he could retire with dignity. Jada could take 50 Cent on, and possibly embarrass him. I guess we will see how this plays out. I'd be dissapointed if it all fizzled like Nas vs. Jay or Jadakiss vs. Beanie Siegel. Chances are, this probably will.

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