Monday, March 07, 2005


Too much has happened since I last wrote about the whole Game/50 situation. But I've seen all the stories from the words exchanged, the beefs, the fake message board postings and the police monitoring the message boards (Hence, all the G-Unit message boards are all shut down), and then the suggestion that the GAME was a stripper (scary thought that is, ewwww....)

Anyways, I'll have to say to this one that I don't care much for 50, wont buy his album; though I may download some of his tracks off the new Napster. Then again, I might get them free off Kazzaa....I dunno, haven't decided yet. I liked the GAME/Jim Jones remix of "Certified Gangsters" when it was a video, but was surprised that I couldn't find it anywhere except for GAME mixed CD's that costed about $15.99. What peaked my interest was reading about the song in Vibe, how 50 refused to clear the song because it was on Koch Records, which is beneath the G-Unit imprint which is nothing more than 50 getting a small cut of the money after Jimmy Lovinne, Dr Dre, Eminem and then all the accountants and lawyers get their cut, 50 gets his cut. Really, it doesn't matter what label a brotha is on as long as he is gettin' paid. So, it doesn't make sense to me that he calls the label an "artist graveyard." Of course the record sales aren't as good, but a label is a label to me.

50's dissing of Jadakiss now has me interested in Jada. I've never been much of a Jada fan; I haven't brought his stuff though I got the bootleg of Style P's last album for $2.00 at the mall up the street. He never seemed to me to be a great MC; but I'm more into cats like J-Live and Immortal Technique lately, so Im not easily fazed. He just sounded to me like a more hardcore version of Ma$e, and I can't stand the old Ma$e or the new Ma$e. But I think I'll download some of his cuts beside "We Gon Make It" and "Why". Maybe this dissing stuff is good marketing for all involved, after all, why else would I say f--k 50 and say that Im gonna check this other cat out?

As for Fat Joe, well, I think everybody has always known Fat Joe is alright, not great; Big Pun brought out the best in him, and he's done good with that whole "Lean Back" phase, but I need lyrics, I gotta have somebody lyrical, and Joe was at his best back in his "Flow Joe" days, but to me, Fat Joe is just Fat Joe. I aint messing with his music, but my biggest question is in a fight, who would win? Fat Joe has been pretty mild this time; back in the day it seemed like he would beat somebody down at the drop of a hat. Now, he's not saying "I'm gonna kick 50's azz!" Nah, he seems to be saying, "This nyggah is doing it for publicity". 50 is really good at boxing, but Joe I think is a much better street fighter. Beyond Joe questioning whether 50's been in a club, I'd like for Joe to be like "50, Im going to beat that azz!"

Oh well, that's too much for now. I'm still sick with this cold, so I'm going to sleep.

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