Monday, March 21, 2005

Terry Shiver and a bunch of other stuff

First, I want to show this funny stuff I picked off of a Republican/Conservative website. This is a petition where the writers and signers are to brand Michael Moore a "traitor":

Don't let Moore get away with treason! Sign this petition urging U.S. Attorney General-to-be Alberto Gonzales to brand Moore a treacherous traitor guilty of seeking to undermine our nation's resolve to fight while giving aid and encouragement to our avowed enemies during a time of war!

Don't believe it's real and there are people out there who are serious about crap like this? Read on at Conservative Petitions!

Granted, even though this other blogger, I forgot his name, labeled me a "lefty" or whatever, I am growing sick and tired and cynical of politicians. Im tired of hypocrisy, tired of the sickening political atmosphere, tired of all the stupidity. That to me is the deal with this Terry Shiver thing, and thing is, the reality is that people all over the country deal with the issues this family are dealing with, and I refuse to believe that her life is more important than anybody else's. I refuse to believe it.

I'll never forget the movie John Q which was about a father who had to go to extreme measures to keep his son who needed a heart transplant alive despite hospital administrators who were about to let his son die because he didn't have the money. Call this movie the work of "liberal media elites", but really, if people don't have adequate health insurance and can't pay for expensive procedures, would they have to die? How many politicians would care enough to take up the cause of a poor broke single woman from the 'hood who's child is about to die because she has no money, no healthcare, and nothing else? Is this real or "liberal tripe"? Check out this article in USA Today.

More than 18,000 adults in the USA die each year because they are uninsured and can't get proper health care, researchers report in a landmark study released Tuesday.

And I thought this was a "culture of life"? A culture of life? What about this?

I don't endorse the idea of Universal Healthcare, but I really think that if this issue of keeping one person alive is addressed as though it is the only important thing in the world, I think that something that affects 18,000 adults every year should be addressed with the same urgency, media exposure, and "emergency" congressional debates that this one person has recieved.

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