Thursday, March 24, 2005

How do I put this?

I don't have the words for it. You know, when you read about it, hear about it, and talk about it, stuff that goes down in the hood like drive bys and murders personally doesnt affect me. Experiencing it is a whole other deal that leaves me speechless.

Im not going to spell out all the circumstances, and as for info I know nothing, but in the hood I was at today there was a drive-by.

I sometimes think that I can just shrug it off, because since violence is something I hear about , read about, and talk about, I just figure it wouldn't affect me.

But what gets really deep are seeing the victims peoples start crying, and the victims being carried away in strechers. That is alot to take in.

It seems to be such a casual thing, due to the fact that even in hip hop a rapper dying is becoming a cliche. We see it in the movies, we read about it in the paper, and we hear about it so much in hip hop, and some of the most popular hip hop today seems to celebrate stuff like this.

It's like, when you heard that song on The Chronic "Rat-A-Tat-Tat", and when Snoop said "Never hesitate to put a nigga on his back", you thought damn, that was a dope song.

But, when I saw these guys carried away on a strecher and saw his peoples crying, that just stuck. When I got home, I just broke down. I'll admit it. I cried.

I cried about just the numbness. The numbness we all have towards life, the numbness I tried to display, the numbness that we all try to promote. Get Rich or Die Tryin just seems to be the rallying cry for misguided youth. I felt how sometimes the whole lifestyle alot of rappers promote leads right up to this.

As I said, about the incident, I know nothing, I didn't even see it all go down, but I feel pain and sadness.

As John Singleton put at the end of Boyz N the Hood, Increase the Peace. I guess that's the best way to put it.

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