Thursday, April 21, 2005

....And It Don't Stop!

It's not that I have lost interest in blogging. I have pretty much just been working so much. It's hard to keep track of what's going on in hip hop along with everything else in the world! I mean, you got the stuff going down at the Source, you got artists climbing the charts, and don't get me wrong, even at my age I can get into all the current hip hop trends, and I listen to stuff people don't mess with. But, I dunno, Im just bored with the hype.

I did find the last issue of the Source funny though. With the problems at the Source, and the fact that I've been reading the Source ever since I first saw it in a DJ store back in the day. But, it's funny how they gave such a great review to Benzino's album, and they basically dissed 50 Cent's album. I don't like either rapper really, but it trips me out, I mean, what would happen if they gave Benzino a bad review? Now that would be funny. I know that sounds inside out, but basically it's a fact that Benzino sucks. He was good in Almighty RSO for some things, but basically, well, he sucks. I even wasted 99 cents downloading that "Look Into My Eyes" nonsense, but couldn't get past the first couple of seconds. Hey Benzino, gimme my dollar back!

Anyways, Im listening to hip hop now more than ever because of my I Pod and between I Tunes and Emusic Im very much covered, but hip hop news just bores me. I will talk just from the perspective of what interests me at any given moment.

One thing, I have to give credit to the Source for being so obsessed with outing that snake Jimmy Lovine. In their last issue, they did an interesting commentary on how all the bad stuff that happens in hip hop goes back to him. From the Tupac thing all the way up to the 50/GAME beef, he is like the one who takes in all the profit, making money off of people's tragedy. I guess that's why I like the Source now, because I hate the scene now, but I wish that the main player in this was someone more credible than punk ass Benzino. Now, if it was Tupac himself who was a main player, that'd be the lick, but Benzino needs to give it up.


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