Friday, April 08, 2005

Spring Break

I've finally discovered what the hell "Screwed And Chopped" music is. I've been only getting through numerous downloads to my Ipod from So far, my favorite "Screwed" song is "Don't Take It Personal" by D-Bo, on his "Jealousy and Greed" CD. I basically like how they talk their talk, all slow and it just sounds more ill that way. I think you can only do that with that Southern rap, which is all good to me because I've been digging Southern rap ever since I got the Geto Boys album like 10 years ago. I also like this song "Dat's What Dat Is" by Paul Wall and Mike Watts off their album "Chick Magnet", that's also a good tune. I hear that if you're going down South to check out the Spring Break events, the locals will all be on that "Screwed and Chopped" tip, listening to that music.

As for Black Spring Break, I didn't know Freaknik was dead, since I went to the event back in 1997 and I saw that it was getting lame, in that you couldn't go down the street without cops being on your tail and shyt. I knew that when I came back from Freaknik that year that a) I wouldn't go back and b) Freaknik and stuff like it was going to get commercialized. To me, Freaknik was a word of mouth thing, promoted by party promoters, college students and whoever else wanted to go. It got bad to me when all the youngstas wanted to come out; I liked it when it was college kids getting together to have fun.

I've been to the Black College Reunion in Daytona Beach, Florida, which is happening this year on April 15-17, 2005. I went back in like 1995, and it was real ill back then. I only know what I know about The Kappa Beach Party (or Kappa Beach Fest?) in Galveston Texas( April 15 -17, 2005)because it's all over the internet, but I haven't been to Texas at all.

The Miami Springfest hosted by P.Diddy in Miami, Florida(April 29- May 2, 2005) is what I was referring to as the "commercialized" Beach Party. Now, Im not hating on P Diddy (who now is up to his ears in child support; you know that now he is up to paying $51,000 a month to Kim Porter and some other girl?), but this event has all the glitz and glamour and whatnot, it's on that "Spring Bling" shyt. I guess that would be another event which I have no date on yet, but I liked the Freaknik and Black College Reunion back in the day! I remember going to Freaknik back in 1994, when Too Short and Luke performed. Now that was the lick! But I wont go this year, Im too broke for all that.

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