Saturday, April 02, 2005

Vibe Magazine:Merchant of Crap

Too much happening in the world. You know, after the whole 50/Game beef came and went, I set updating this blog at low priority. I just didn't know if I really gave that much of a damn what the rappers were doing or saying to one another. I will admit that the whole idea of "hip hop press" is lame, and these rapper beefs are totally for the brain dead. That would make for an interesting site in and of itself, but I don't know if I would waste my time with that.

With all that in mind and after witnessing the distasteful overexposure of the deaths of Terry Shiver and the Pope, today I got the latest Vibe, and that cover was disturbing as phukk. It has Tupac, a thinner Biggie and Jam Master Jay in black suits standing in front of a graveyard. Inside, they interview people associated with the three slain stars, but to me Vibe trying to get all gushy about something they had a hand in, including allowing Biggie and Tupac to go back and forth at each other because it was such a "hot story" back then, is sickening.

But that's the "Hip Hop Press" for ya; exploitative, intrusive and money hungry vultures. They are the hip hop counterpart of the Crappy News Network and the Crox of Shyt News Channel, which seems to take milking tragedy to monumental heights. Just like how CNN milked the whole Terry Shiver thing and then they milked the Pope's death to the hilt, and it was shameful in the Terry Shiver case because they really should have been left alone, Vibe once again shyts on the graves of Biggie, Tupac and Jam Master Jay for more CREAM.

If you believe the conspiracy theories about JMJ getting killed resulting from his associating with 50 Cent, then we can add him to the casualties of rap beefs which the hip hop press (XXL, Vibe, and even the Source in the past) makes all this $$$ from. And the new Vibe cover shows that culture-vulture Vibe magazine just won't let Biggie, Tupac or Jam Master Jay rest in peace. Their exploitation partially led to the deaths of Biggie and Tupac; and now these money-hungry bastards want more blood money. What a shame.

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