Saturday, April 16, 2005

Sensitive Whites and Hip Hop

There was a track on Public Enemy's "Fear of A Black Planet" called Incident at 66.6 FM in which people are calling in to a right wing radio talk show and they are offended by Public Enemy. One of the callers was complaining about them after having seen them open up for the Beastie Boys. He said they were "scum" and anybody who liked them were scum to. Hell, Im proud to be given the "scum" label by the Right.

That is what I am reminded of when I read this entry on "Light of Reason"
entitled PATHETIC, OVERLY SENSITIVE WHITES THREATEN FREE SPEECH! This is about a speech given at a Catholic school in New Jersey by New Jersey Secretary of State Regina Thomas.

Many of the white students and faculty members were offended by what they called an overly confrontational and unprofessional speech by the secretary. Some felt she was calling them racist and a backlash on some black students fueled the fire.

"They don't know what it is like to open up your locker and see a KKK letter there. It's not the most comfortable feeling at all," said African-American student Kristen Minoh.

Im glad that Regina Thomas stuck her neck out and spoke her mind. After all, isn't free speech what this country is all about? Furthermore, I went to a Catholic School and I was the only black in my class, so I know that racism amongst the student body and the teachers as well is a given.

As for rap music, this makes me think of the song "Why" by Jadakiss where he asks "Why did Bush take down the towers?" I'm not one of those who goes out of their way to make such an assertion, but it's funny how the Bill O'Reilly types get pissed offed. I guess it is okay for the right wingers to say whatever racist crap they want, but when white students are called out for their racist behavior, as they should be, that is too much for people to touch. More power to those like Jadakiss, Public Enemy, and Regina Thomas.

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