Monday, June 27, 2005

Dude survived Iraq, but not the mean streets of DC

see:Shooting Kills Man Near Club In Shaw

Ain't it messed up? Dude survives Iraq, but then comes to DC and gets shot and killed. Unbelievable.

Now, it's not that DC is a dangerous city. All the white folks moved in, and the niggas went out to like Maryland to purchase overpriced houses because they couldn't buy the super-overpriced cribs in the District any more. The white folks can move to the fancy flats and pay like $600,000 and shyt. So, when stuff like this happens, with an army brotha dying and whatnot, then the neighborhood folks cry foul. It's like, now they want to close the reggae club called Killi's, down.

DC has a long history of violent clubs. When I first got here, there was this club called the Clubhouse, and you knew not to go there if you weren't rolling deep in a crew of brothas. One classmate of mines in college got killed coming back from a party. There was the infamous Ibex Club on Georgia Avenue, a popular spot which was shut down because some cop got shot up outside the club. There was Tracks, the big warehouse nightclub where I saw a bunch of Latinos rumble one night. The Mirage was a club where all the street type brothers danced to go-go, and I remember this cross dressing dude got a critical beatdown one night. Every black strip club has had incidents of violence, like I remember this one club was shut down for a second because two guys got into a shouting match because one was blocking the other's view. So, in this city there's been club violence for generations. Its now just a problem because the white folks are moving into this city in droves, and they can't handle that.

It was hot here in the District area (I actually live in Takoma) and when it is hot, then niggas just get to acting crazy. There's stuff like this that happens every day, but an army nigga fell victim in this crazy city and not Baghdad, so now, all the clubs are going to closed up in this city. Maybe not so soon, but after the whole thing that happened with Club U, the city has good reason to do such an extreme act.

DC a club free city? Hey, if I brought a house for $600,000 in the hood, I'd want a place to hang out, but that's just me!

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