Thursday, June 23, 2005

Growing up too fast?

see: Are Black Girls Growing Up Too Fast?

Here in Washington DC there is no shortage of perverted men who just want to talk to little girls, kids even. To me it's just straight up sickening. Sometimes however, the way the girls be looking, who can blame them? No justifying their behavior. It's funny, though to hear some of these men say things like "Am I too old for you?"

Because of the onslaught of "booty" videos, lots of these teen girls see these images and as a result they be looking and dressing all seductively, and sometimes it is hard to tell what is what. I am married but I would hate to be out there kicking game because I know for sure I would probably get caught up!

Also, with no parents around, there is no questioning what some young girls are doing. Like a Union Station, here in Washington DC, the place is crawling with well developed, buxom young girls and perverted, oggling old men.

Back in the 80's, I know that where I was at, in Junior High School girls dressed fly, suggestively, with the tight jeans and mini skirts, but straight up, its nothing like what you have now. In DC, seeing these girls, you think, damn, is it something in the water?

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