Friday, June 24, 2005

Eminent Domain (or get the hell out your house before we force you out!)

see:Court Upholds Eminent Domain: Justices say local governments can seize homes to clear the way for private developers.

See how they are? I bet you didn't see this in between all the bombings in Iraq or the oh-so-important story of what happened to that chick in Aruba. It looks now like the local governments of every city in AmeriKKKa will become the enemies of the people by seizing their property, maybe giving you a little money that wont go very far in today's housing market, and throwing them on the street.

The snakes in power are loving this; Mayor of Washington DC Anthony Williams made this very stupid statement:

Washington, D.C., Mayor Anthony Williams, who serves as president of the National League of Cities, issued a statement praising the court for upholding "one of the most powerful tools city officials have to rejuvenate their neighborhoods."

So, just as long as it's not his house that is about to be siezed, then it's okay. Imagine building a life in a house and then the government tears it down to build some shopping mall or worse yet, a Stadium (which in DC is an issue because they need that to house this stupid baseball team we got here), and they are on the rampage here in Washington DC.

Even worse is in New London CT where the greedy developers are trying to take some white folks homes to build some hotel. Now, when white folks are losing their homes you know that the black neighborhoods don't have a chance. In essence though, they have their eyes on the hoods of AmeriKKKa, forcing all the people out more aggresively, and big business has the politicians in their pocket, so all that can be done is well, not a damn thing.

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