Monday, June 27, 2005

Fakin' Like Gangstas?

see: Mopreme Shakur Releases Two Mixtapes

Got the image from Convict Radio

If you listen to Toni, Toni, Tone's song "Feels Good", you hear this really gay sounding rapping "Mercedes the mellow, rhyme acapello", and I don't remember any of the other lines, but he ends his rap by singing "Toni, Toni Tone has done it again!"

Then, he hooked up with Tupac's "Thug Life" clique, and I guess he went from being "Mercedes the Mellow" to Mopreme Shakur. With his last name you'd think he was one of the family or something!

Well, he actually is the son of the immortal Dr Mutulu Shakur,who was practically Tupac's father, so I guess I should give him some respect, but that whole "Mercedes the Mellow" routine? I dunno, Im gonna have to think on that one. Guess a nigga had to eat, right?

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