Monday, June 27, 2005

Oil Hits At $60 a Day

see: Oil Hits At $60 a Day

Since I don't really drive, I take the Metro here in DC to wherever I need to go. Im walking like everywhere I go, so I don't know, Im just not fazed by the whole idea of the Oil Hitting like $60 a day. I do feel it when I fill up my wife's car, and it gets to $20 and I stop whether or or not it fills up. And it get's to $20 really fast!

Anyway, I like this Latino brothas blog, it has a really good design, he's on point with the political issues and such, and I might be checking it out everyday! I like to check out as many sites as possible, but politics can be a frustrating thing, and I like to spend my time doing other shyt, I don't want to be on the damn computer all day.

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