Thursday, August 04, 2005

Between Niggers and Black Men....

My response to: Think of Yourself as the N-Word, and You’ll Never Be More Than That

You know, Im proud to be black. If I wanted to, I could pass myself of as Latino. I could pass myself off as anything. I used to get upset at the whole idea of being called a "nigga" or a "nigger". Now I'm totally proud of that designation.

Deny me what you want. Deny me that house in the suburbs. Screw it, I don't really need it. Deny me that taxi ride. I'll find another taxi. Deny me that job, and I'll find one that pays more money. I don't get mad anymore about the whole nigger thing.

My ancestry is diverse. I can't directly claim any country, any nationality or any island. I can't claim Jamaica or Puerto Rico. All I can claim is the flag of the nation that enslaved my ancestors, that took them in chains and sold them on the auction block. It's a country that I couldn't care less about, but as long as Im getting mine, it's all good from where I sit. I got my job, I got my family, and I got my health. I live in an area where there are tons of beautiful sistas and I don't have to worry about no religion making them conceal their beautiful bodies.

But Im a nigga and I'll be a nigga till I die. If I was Tiger Woods, I wouldn't be cabajian, I'd be a nigger who plays golf. If I have a job at a corporation, I'll be a corporate nigger. My sister likes to say that my family isn't really black, but we are "white-black". We posses the "decency" and "properness" of white folks and the color of black folks. For her that might be an unfortunate reality, but for me I'll take that nigga designation anyday. I don't want to be "proper", I want to express myself any way I want and at the same time handle my business.

I don't give a damn what white folks, the KKK, the US government, and "proper black folks" think. Screw 'em all.

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