Sunday, January 15, 2006

Is Flavor Flav What A Girl Wants?
by Dangerous Lee

Why are attractive, some are ugly, women breaking their necks to win Flavor Flav’s heart on VH-1’s Bachelor styled Flavor of Love? VH-1 has given Flav another show to showcase just how ignorant and hideous he can be. If we weren’t freaked out by his and Brigitte Nielsen’s relationship while watching Strange Love then we will be sure to get our fill this time around.

It’s quite obvious that these ladies want fame and fortune while they pretend to want real love from Flav and have his best interest at heart. The theme song should be Kanye's Golddigger!

One lady who was nicknamed Miss Latin, because Flav is not good with remembering names so he nicknamed all the contestants (another clue that he’s not all there), was ratted out by another contestant because she called her ex-boyfriend from Flav’s love palace. She was soon booted because she was not devoted to Flavs' flavor. Can you blame her? She realized she wasn't as greedy as she thought she was. No amount of money or fame could make her continue to pretend that she wants to be on Flav's arm.

None of those women are into Flav romantically. He’s a ghetto clown with horrible manners and weak vocabulary. I know damn well there were ads all over the place looking for lonely and desperate ladies who may or may not be fans of Public Enemy who want their shot at 15 minutes of fame. He and Brigitte were supposed to be so in love, but she still married her lil’ punk ass finance, Matia. Even she had sense enough to let him go.

I also know that Public Enemy has got to be pissed with Flav. I mean he has really sold out to what the image of Public Enemy was all about. Right now Flav is looking like a Public Idiot.

I guess you can’t fault him. He has more than a few baby mammas and his kids have got to eat and he has to keep his grille (did I spell that right?) shinning, so make that money at any cost to your dignity, Flav. We’ll keep watching the train wreck!

From Dangerous Lee's Myspace Blog.

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