Friday, January 13, 2006

Why the hip hop nation should pay attention to Alito

This week, the hearings for Supreme Court justice nominee Samuel Alito dominated Washington. Really trying to figure out where a Supreme Court justice is coming from is a daunting task.

To me, watching the hearings, it was a mixture of some highs and lows. Quite frankly, like most Americans, it didn't really interest me. From what I saw, the Republicans kept on going on about what a wonderful man he was. I was like, damn, get off his dyck. The Democrats seemed to milk his being part of some geeky right wing group in his college years. Apparently, this groups hates "negros" and thinks that woman are best in the kitchen, I guess. He kept on saying, "Gee, I can't remember." when asked about what this group did. Thats pretty much in a nutshell what they wasted a whole week doing.

Of course they had one black guy repin' some civil rights organization, saying that more or less from analysis of all his zillions of decisions made in the past, he must love black people so much he should have married one. The black dude had such a funny looking mustache and I couldn't help but think that damn, he needs to clip that shyt off.

What this Asian law professor said in his testimony on Alito's questionable record drew my attention. Apparently, Alito made a very telling conclusion in the case of a teen shot by a cop. I did some research and found an article on Slate: Shoot To Kill:Alito's blank check for cops.

In a 15-page memo, he argued in favor of letting states give police the power to shoot to kill at their discretion whenever a suspect flees, whether or not he poses a threat. Alito's memo is written with his usual dispassion. But he's forceful in his belief that the Constitution has no role to play in a cop's decision about whether to shoot an unarmed suspect.

Now, for any of you law students out there, or any Court TV types, you should read the 15 page memo!

I guess that one case cannot define the man, so who am I to judge? Nothing that "We the People" can do anyways, since the Republican dominated government will vote for him "just because." Oh well, now to count down the days to the overturning of Roe Vs. Wade; after all, thats what 51% of the AmeriKKKan people want.

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