Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Random Search

When I get stressed I get on the internet. A few interesting sites I pulled from random, pointless searches:

This one site, "Growing Up Sexually, A World Atlas", has a disturbing account of the sex lives of black youths in the "urban slum" of Chicago. Sickening thing is that they make this account indicative of what all Black Americans go through. This extreme example, which describes 4 and 6 year olds having sex, is suppossed to be what all black kids go through. That's complete BS if you ask me, though.

Speaking of youngsters and sex, I wish that sites like Puberty 101 and Teen Puberty existed when I was younger. The only thing I had was MTV and rap music when I was that age in the early 80's.

MedLinePlus is an awesome Medical Encyclopedia, generated by the NIH website. Have a medical issue? Find out the solution here!

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