Saturday, January 14, 2006


So impressed I was at the format of a fellow blogger with a similar name to my weblog in an entry about Hurricane Katrina, I decided to follow and sum up this week in favorite links...hip hop and non hip hop as well. Time permitting, this will be my weekend thing to do......

Islam Online:Malcolm X’s (al-Hajj, Malik al-Shabazz)Letter from Makkah
Yahoo Group:Mambo Hip Hop
BET:The Klan's Favorite Network? Joins O’Reilly in Claiming Treason by Dissenters
PlayHata:Irish Senator wins-says “Worked Like Blacks"
PlayHata:Project Islamic Hope says Howard Stern Billboard must come Down now
Black leaders must address murder rate

Minister G. Craige Lewis has one goal: Get hip-hop out of the church. Forever.
Rapper Cool C's Execution Warrant Signed by PA Governor Ed Rendell
SOHH:Bay Area's SMC Recordings Opens Its Doors To Pastor Troy, Bizzy Bone and Local Talent
PlayaHata:Their Eyes Were Reading Smut
Check out this new!
Zodaxwear:HipHop T-Shirts!
ProHipHop:Improved CD Sales, Legal & Illegal Downloads
ChicoTown:Bush broke law BEFORE 9/11
Nahright:The Boondocks Episode 9 - Return of the King
The Low End Theory:Can you feel it...LORD DIGGA
EMUSIC:Charmillionaire:The Truth

Reading all this stuff, I got a headache. Gotta go watch the Redskins lose this game now!

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