Friday, October 21, 2005

20 Ways to Tell If a Female Might Be a Bird (Chickenhead)

Had to post this, I found this on HBCU Connect!

1. If she is in her 20's, her mother is in her 30's, and her grandmother is in her 40's.
2. If she enrolled in school strictly for the student loan money.
3. if she is over the age of 30 and still wearing "baby hair"
4. If she lives in the projects, but has a big-screen tv.
5. if she thinks she looks like Halle Berry just because she's light skinned.
6. If she thinks she looks like Naomi Campbell just because she's dark skinned.
7. If she thinks she looks like J.Lo just because she's Hispanic.
8. If she has had 4 or more home numbers, cell numbers, or pager numbers disconnected in a 3 month time span.
9. If she weighs 93 pounds and still has a beer gut.
10. Any black girl with blonde hair.
11. Any white or asian girl with braids.
12. If she claims she doesn't have a job because she doesn't have transportation or a babysitter, but she always seems to find a babysitter and transporation to get to the club every week.
13. If she drinks Sunny Delight.
14. If she has "combination hairstyles" (braids/fingerwave, or Press-n-Curl/feathered, etc)
15. If she's at the club crip walking in high heels.
16. If she doesn't work out at the gym because she doesn't want to sweat out her weave.
17. If she knows how to play spades.
18. If she thinks people who make more than $10 an hour are "bougie"
19. If she has to run errands for the day and they all take place at the swap meet.
20. If she puts hot sauce on potato chips.

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