Saturday, October 15, 2005

I went to the Million More Movement and all I got.....

It was amazing how many brothers where out hustling at the Million More Movement. I went to the event with $40 and spent most of it on:

3 T-shirts for $20 (we got a really good deal since the vendor had no change)
1 Millon More Movement button for $2.
1 magazine from some guy reppin' the Nuwaubian Nation, a black religous group whose beliefs are hard to explain, but the book was $2.00.
2 pictures taken at the 1995 Million Man March for $1.00
1 poem entitled "Arise O Ye Black Men of God" for $1.00
1 CD;P-Cuttas "Art of War: The Worlds First Conscius Mixtape Vol II"-$5.00
1 Phen Cake for $5.00
2 Sodas $1.00 each
1 Pen for $1.00 (I got ripped off on that one, it was only worth 50 cents, but its all good)
1 CD; A Long Way From Home, the New Orleans Evacuee Anthem, check it out at; I got it for Free, but I owe these brothers.
1 Promo CD; Styles P'snewest song "Can You Believe It" w/Akon, Free
1 Million More pin for $1 each
1 Autograph from Al Sharpton, priceless

Underlying Farrakahn's message of self reliance, brothers were displaying their ability to get money, and I find that more important than the government or any politicians lies or deception. Screw the GOP and the Democrats, get yours! That to me was the most important underlying message of this event.

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