Saturday, October 22, 2005

What If . . . .

This I got from the Yahoo group Revolutionary Minds:

Let’s digress for a moment and play the What If Game. We all play this game from time to time. Some call it scenarios, or in business, plan A, or plan B or just plan speculation.

Sometime next week Patrick Fitzerald, the special counsel investigating the CIA leaks is planning to hand down incitements after a 22-month grand-jury inquiry.

Karl Rove, the senior White House adviser, (The President’s brain) and I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, chief of staff for Vice President Dick Chaney may be indicted.

Now here is where the What If . . .game comes into play. This president despite his blind loyalty to his support group will have no choice but to ask for resignations. Dick Chaney, after seeing his chief of staff indicted would be hard pressed to remain in his position as Vice President since the cover up smear would certainly tarnish his office and image.

We are playing the game now, but let’s assume Chaney resigns. The closest person to Bush in that circumstance is Condolezza Rice. It is speculated that Mr. Bush will more than likely appoint Condolezza Rica as Vice President making her the firs woman VP and the first African American VP. Bush, despite his failed war effort, will have a lock on history comparable to Lincoln, or Jefferson. With the election in 2008, there would be ample time for Condolezza to grow into the job and run for president.

Pushing the What If out there a little ways, we may see Hillary Clinton going against Condolezza Rice and the resulting race precipitating a major change in American politics. Hawk and Dove, black and white, Lib and Con with a feminine twist.

The wife and I were playing this game the other night. I found it difficult to resist the intriguing possibility of having a black woman Vice President and or possibly president. Even as a candidate, it would challenge this country’s major theme of being the greatest nation in the world. All the racist would be flushed out of the closet on this one, and if Condi is elected, it would pave the road for African Americans being slotted into highly visible private sector or government positions.

What do you think you, revolutionaries. Can you deal with the prospect of having a black female, republican, hawk as president?

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  1. I'm just waiting for Condolezza to tell the truth, don her birka, and pledge her loyalty to the Saudis.