Saturday, October 15, 2005

From the March

The day of the March back in 1995, it was to me really serious. It was a time when there was a big racial divide. Alot of it stemmed from the OJ trial and the outcome of the trial. It was like, there were strong opinions on either side of the debate.

Another thing that I remember that was another show of disunity was the East Coast/West Coast so-called "rap wars". True, it was blown out of proportion by the media. To me, this was another factor in why the Million Man March was so important.

The last time, Farrakahn gave a very interesting, moving speech that confused the media (they just weren't feeling the numerology and the UFO talk of Farrakahn). It lead the media to dismiss Farrakahn's importance to the March. It was amazing how they found 15 year old kids who would say, "Well, I didn't come for Farrakahn.."

Fast forward to 2005...and you got the issues of Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, Bush, and alot of other things that motivated Farrakahn's safer approach. What I think he did in bringing in Latinos, gays, and liberal whyte Bush haters is an attempt to create like another "rainbow coalition". A big part of his plan was the creation of "Ministries" that would cover the needs of people taken for granted by the US government. I liked his proposing of a third political party to create an alternative to the whole GOP/Democrat scheme of AmeriKKKan politics.

There were fewer people, of course, and the way some of the women had their jeans on, Im glad they were excluded from the MMM in 1995 by Farrakahn. They were too much of a distraction! If I wasn't married I would've been trying to get some #'s for sure.

Plus, there were lots of Latinos, but I don't recall any prominent Latino speakers being focused on...but I don't know, maybe I missed them. I got there at about 4 in the afternoon, and taped the rest off CSPAN, the only channel which bothered with the event.

So, all in all it was a worthwhile event......

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