Friday, October 21, 2005

Howard U Homecoming 2005

I don't think I will be doing much with this Homecoming. As it is, since Biggie (AKA Notorious BIG) talked about the HU Homecoming and now Luda has talked about it, it has become bigger than life.

When I first started at HU in the year of 1988, it was much more smaller; a cozier, more controlled event. In the late 90s it started to get outta control, like another Freaknic or something; people rolling in from other states and especially from Florida and NYC and the whole DC/MD/VA area. It's gotten outta control.

Case in point; all the activities are sold out. They were like sold out the second day. Usually its pretty much about hangin' on the yard, and hoping to bump into an alumn that you haven't seen in ages, or bumping into Jay-Z and of course you know P-Diddy be having crowds around him, signing autographs and whatnot.

But the weather sucks tonight, it will probably suck tommorow, so it won't really be the best experience, but I figure as long as people make the game, kick it on the yard, and go to the step show, it will be all good. But I would've hated to have come from like Florida and NYC to crappy weather and sold out events. Oh well. Maybe next year will be better. And I'll be 36. Yikes.

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