Wednesday, May 24, 2006

American Idol...puke! You call this a "idol"?

Being into hip hop and whatnot, I cant help but think, this Taylor Hicks is just mad corny! "American Idol" just proved itself to be whiter than toast. How could anybody think that this guy will make it in today's music industry? I mean, really, even Vanilla Ice could whup this guy's azz. I just dont see him being a real attention grabber.

The American Idol finale had a performance by the amazing Prince (which is what I still call him!). Prince is light years ahead of anybody who has stepped on an American Idol stage! Being I have been into rock music in the past, I was really pulling in the end for that bald headed heavy metal dude named (I think) Chris. If anything, that guy was marketable.

Who is going to "idolize" the new idol? Who is going to buy his music? Who will go to his concerts? Simon has got alot on his hands to actually get a buzz going on this guy. I suppose he'll just drop an album and then just go away. Yeah, ultimately, that will be his fate.

On the real, doesn't that happen to alot of MC's who get the record deal, then you don't even hear from some of them. Like, I remember a freestyle contest a couple of years ago. It was on MTV and had MCs from Rocafella, you know, Beans and Memph Bleek and all them. The winner turned out to be some geeky lyrical cat who got a record deal with the ROC (this was before the whole Jay as prez/Damon Dash thing)and then in the end, the album never got recorded. In short, the A&R's at the ROC probably were like "this aint gonna happen". Then Kanye came out after this contest and blew shyt out the water, making this unknown MC(along with Memph and Beans) irrelevant.

I say all this to say that I look at this corny dude and Im like, America's Idol? Ultimately, the best this guy is going to do is get some part on some Broadway show, or be some drugged out loser performing in Vegas doing show after show in an empty room with half naked cocktail waitresses for an audience of depressed, drunken losers who lost all their money gambling.

He aint going nowhere..........

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