Sunday, May 14, 2006

The real definition of "Snap" Music?

I just figured out like a couple of months ago that the name "Dem Franchise Boyz" has dope boy (ie drug dealer)connotations. Well, what about the whole "snap" music thing that they claim. SOHH blogs offers a distinct definition of "Snap":

1. A style of music originating in the Dirty South. Unlike Crunk music, Snap music has a slower tempo but still talks about clubbin' and strippers (what about bubble gum and candy tho'). It is characterized by the finger snap effect in place of the snare drum. Different people may be able to take credit for originating this style from Fabo, D4L, & Dem Franchise Boys. (Fabo was a member of D4L the last time I checked and since when did he start producing beats)

2. A type of music that is very easy to snap your fingers to, hence its name. its made from simple beats and originated in atlanta, georgia. there is a specific step that people often do, along with the snapping. a good example of snap music would be the song "Laffy Taffy" by D4L.

But as the blogger states-"For the record, I don't call it snap music. I think it's all hip hop and just one of it's many facets. And let's be real, the only people who really call it snap music are those outside of Atlanta."

The definition was made up by the suburbanites at Urban Dictionary. Is there anybody out there that actually takes the "Urban Dictonary" seriously? Its good for 14 year old high school kids but for the rest of us living this reality? I don't think so.

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