Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Game-what is he doing with a Bentley?

I found the news funny about The Game getting in trouble with the law. See SOHH.He was driving his Bentley without license plates. Now, funny as this might be, I have to wonder, is The Game really in that MC class to be getting a Bentley? Bentley driving MCs would include Diddy, Em, 50, TI,Dre and so on. MC's with consistent track records for making hits, being able to branch off into other ventures like movies, owning companies and a sizable fan base. To me, The Game is still iffy. He got his hit record, but one hit a career does not make. He had hit maker 50 behind him for his last album, but for his new album? I hardly see a buzz. If anything, there is more doubt out there about what Game is capable of. To his credit, he did bring back the mid 90s West Coast rap style, but thing is, is that whole style and posture played out? Will there be enough interest in it for his second album? And as for Black Wall Street, I havent seen that produce much. It seems to be Murder Inc. part 2. They even have an female MC named Vida, or is she the same one who did all those records with Ja Rule? I dunno. I think the GAME should have held off on buying a Bentley and maybe waited a couple more years to see if people will still be digging him like they did when he was part of G-Unit.

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