Friday, May 12, 2006

Dark times for hip hop

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It's spring now, almost summer. The women are looking hot, the sun is shinning, and the weather is so nice. There should be positive vibes in the world despite the gas prices and the ongoing conflict with Iran, damnit...So why is there all of a sudden an onslaught of violence aimed at hip hop stars?

Though none of it is rap related ala Biggie and Tupac, I am getting tired of the depressing violence that seems to be hitting hip hop stars. There was Proof's death last month, rapper Gravy was shot(again)outside the Hot97 studios, Houston rapper Big Hawk was shot and killed, and Hot97 is getting evicted because of the violence outside of its studio! Then you have T.I.'s entourage getting involved in a shooting! Imagine that, the top selling rapper of the summer and his entourage was involved in gunplay. I guess that plenty of rappers have had this type of thing happen; the beef, the disses and the bullets flying, but unlike most hip hoppers, I can't help but think, there is just something that is very wrong with this picture.

These are some crazy times in hip hop. Is this all indicative of rappers and their realness? Is it all about street stuff or the involvement of rappers in "the game" or "the life"? I don't know, but it discourages me in this day and age because you never know when the powers that be will step in (see Snow: Black Underclass Is “Most Dangerous Thing In Our Lifetime) or hip hop will get shut out of another city like it is in Las Vegas, I mean, its just crazy.

In the midst of this dark period in hip hop, here's something encouraging, despite Hot97's eviction, that doesn't stop the Hot97 Summer Jam! Also, check out this inspiring piece on All Hip Hop:What if Hip Hop had a Heaven?
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