Friday, May 12, 2006

My hip hop week in review....

Let's see, what happened this week...I finally watched these "Beef" CD's and the Beef IIis the most interesting one. Sometimes those beefs can be so uninteresting, but this CD breaks down some classic beefs. However, at the end of the DVD, I liked how Roxanne Shante broke down how she used some education clause in her contract to get $175,000 in a college education. She didnt have to pay a cent back. Now thats smart, she also got her PHD. Thats hot.

I was always a big fan of Royce the 5'9", but seeing him in the Beef II in a segment about his beef with D12, I now see him as a lil punk. He looked like a poodle or something. I always thought he was a tall scary looking MF. Instead, he looks like a lil girl or something. I still like his music though. But T.I. is right now projecting that whole "living on the edge" vibe, and thats cool, Im digging it. In a gun fight one day, and now he's in jail again. I know the females are getting hot over that. "You been to jail? Can you be my baby's daddy?" Yuck.

I was hearing about Star's(of Star and Buckwild")comments about doing some sick stuff to DJ Envy's daughter. I think this is "Beef" taken to another level. He must've thought he was being "ill", but he went too too far. The morning shows were all condeming him, and Star, he's not really a presence in DC, hes on none of the stations, but I heard his voice a couple times on some mixtapes, and I could tell that even though Cedric Muhammed of Black Electorate likes him (see his Hip Hop Fridays collumn), I just wouldn't be feeling this cat.

Another thing that happened this week that was sad was a little girl who was shot and killed over a rap battle that went bad. Now, my thing is this, why the victims in this case and the target in Star's attack were both little teen girls? The irony is quite chilling, don't you think?

I was bored at work and a thought crossed my head: what ever happened to Fab Five Freddy? I remember that scene in Wild Style were a graf artist friend of his and this journalist both are getting robbed and he sees this as he is getting back to them, this robbery going on. He says "Yo, there's no need for any of this!" Then the robbers apoligize to Fab and say "we didnt know these were your friends!" Now thats juice!

As much as I am open minded, I really think that people are going too far in trying to push this whole "hyphy thing". On my home station, WPGC, they said that in the Bay Area all they play is hyphy.I dunno, this whole hyphy thing, its cool and all, it was explained by the DJ as being a slower version of Baltimore House. On the BET Board they said it was related to ATL Crunk.

Listening to the radio tonite, and hearing some of the corporate endorsed garbage (Dipset, the Clipse, Lil Wayne, etc.)I long for the old days when I used to hear hip hop mixes with Run DMC, the Fat Boys, Kurtis Blow, Whodini, Kool Moe Dee and the Boogie Boys when I was in high school and Tribe Called Quest, Diamond D, Brand Nubian, Common (when he was called Common Sense), De La Soul, and Showbiz and AG amongst many, many others. I miss that kind of music.

Congratulations to the Class of 2006 at Howard University who graduate today. I been out of Howard so long its crazy, but I know how exciting it is. You all dont party too hard!

Is it just me, or does anybody else out there simply not give a f#@% about the NSA monitoring our stupid phone calls? And the Republicans still love him! LOL.Screw 'em all.

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