Wednesday, May 03, 2006

John Eff Kennedy CD review

Having listened to rap since like 1983, I feel I have an ear for talent.In this world we are living in, we got people who are just mad. People call into radio talk shows, they call into TV news shoes, and they are mad. Where is that anger in hip hop? There was more anger at stuff in hip hop like 12 years ago. Now, you got all the same old cliches. You got you dirty south beats and the ice and the cars and the hos, but none of these rappers are talking about how f-d up the world is. And the world is f-d up for hip hop, especially.

Thats why I like rapper John Eff Kennedy. Despite his name, don't think of him as a "political rapper" or as some left wing whiner. In the tradition of Skillz with his Year In Review, John Eff Kennedy has his "2005 Year In Review" where he talks about political stuff, hip hop stuff and he just rips it over that Chris Brown beat. With funny lines like "Its more dangerous than heckling Ron Artest", he makes references to news stories you have to remember before you laugh. He just hits the listener with alot but it still bumps.

This is some serious head music. He's into straight up anarchy and destruction with songs like "Bomb the Hamptons" and "Burn the Mall". However, its not a celebration of violence as much as it is a condemnation of some of the f-d up values we got in this country. Then, the whole career fast track, you know, high school, college and corporate America is parodied in songs like "College (Try It)","I Dont Want To Go To School" and "If You Think Im Working For You Company". John Eff Kennedy is pissed off with all the BS this society defines as "success", and he expresses it in his music.

John Eff Kennedy is into more political ground with "JFK" where he lets you know where he is coming from, and "Trina", about Hurricane Katrina and the governments response to it. With a dope rhyme style, clever lyrics and an intelligent outlook, John Eff Kennedy is sure to get far in the rap industry. But I just don't know, are heads ready?

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