Wednesday, August 17, 2005


I saw that movie "Crash" today, and this to me was an awesome movie. There was so much for me that stuck and made me think deeper. I didn't really expect this movie to really be what it was. I thought it was going to be some fast paced urban action flick; after all it had Ludacris in it!

However, it turned out to be really thought provoking. It's not perfect by any means, but it really resonated with me. One thing that stuck for me was one scene where the hard working, upper class yet conflicted black character Cameron (played by Terrence "Hustle&Flow" Howard) after one incident faces his thuggish criminal counterpart (played by Ludacris)and says "You embarass me".

Well, coming home, I get in this cab driven by this really nice cab driver who
takes me home for cheap since the buses don't run after like 11 PM, I didn't drive, and chances are I'd have to walk, and I was just too tired for that. This other guy is looking all flustered and stuff, and I seen dude around the DC area but I didn't really know him.

The cab driver was ready to just pick me up since he knows me, but he wasn't going to pick the other guy up. I think that it's real shytty how cab drivers don't pick young black men who dress and look a certain way. He said he was willing to pay the cab driver to drop him off on one of the main roads. So, I vouch for the guy make it easier for dude to be taken to where he wants to go.

I allow the cab driver to drop the guy off first and then the guy says thanks to the driver but doesn't pay him. The cab driver is a nice guy and he isn't equipped to handle stuff like that. He does say to the guy, "I thought you were going to pay me" and the guy looks all dumbfounded. I heard him say that he'd pay, but he's acting like he didn't say it. As the driver drove me home I felt bad so I paid for his fare and mine.

Thing is, it's hard enough in this area for brothers to get cabs. Now I see why. Was that nonsense really necessary? I felt what that character in the movie felt. Brothas can be so foul sometime.

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