Saturday, August 13, 2005

The War Question

Now that the US govt is on its way to invade Iran, I think there are still some questions to be answered. This guy does it pretty well.

From: "imoutlaw"
Date: Sat Aug 13, 2005 1:58pm
Subject: About the War Question

I am late on answering the war question .... been busy. But here it
is. Same thing I have been saying since the wars started.

The Novel Begins. *LOL*

What you don't hear in the news.

Hitler started WWII by creating an excuse to go to war. He had
German troops dress in Polish uniforms and burned down a famous
German Building. That gave him the political strength to start the
war. He used this building's burning to infuriate the German People
so they said, yes, invade Poland.

In May 2001, Little Bush gave the Taliban $75 million. Could it be
it was given to them to strike the Trade Towers so Bush had
something to use to infuriate the people and start two wars?

Exxon (an American Company) sold out to BP (British Petrolem). BP
has been getting $3 a gallon for gas in England for many years, and
even Big Bush wanted to raise gas prices. When Carter was in office,
a peanut farmer, the price of peanuts soared. Both times excuses
were made that sounded logical to the American People.

England and the U.S are the primary players in the war in Afganistan
and Iraq. BP needs more oil to control the market, and Iraq has the
second biggest oil fields in the world.

England told Little Bush that Iraq was building Weapons of Mass
Destruction and Tenet the head of the CIA said it was a Slam Dunk.
England was wrong and their scape goat committed suicide? Little
Bush lied to the American People so he could go to war with Saddam,
a war Saddam had been anticipating and preparing for 18 years
because of threats used to take over his countries oil. Little Bush
said I was misinformed, Tenet resigns, Little Bush gives Tenet an
award. Was the award for lying to the American People or being the
scape goat for Bush? You make the call.

Big Bush said on public TV that it is illegal to target the leader
of another nation. The law didn't change. Little Bush targeted
Saddam. He is a war criminal under law, but, not charged just like
the German People didn't charge Hitler when they knew he was
breaking laws and being a war criminal.

Cheney is VP and used to work for Haliburton. No contracts were put
out to bid, Little Bush just awarded them to Cheney's former

Within one hour of the Pentagon being hit by a plane, Cheney makes
the statement it is Bin Laden. No time for investigation, no bodies
identified, no one having done a single investigative procedure, and
he already knew it was Bin Laden. Could it be that he and Little
Bush knew it as they paid the $75 million for it to happen? Is that
why Little Bush was flying around and not in the White House during
the attacks of 9/11?

In order to extradite someone from another country, your attorneys
go to the world court, present the evidence of why we want this
person extradited. Then the accused is given copies of the
evidence. The country holding him then makes a decision to turn the
individual over or not. Imagine Germany wanting you for something
they say you did. Would the U.S. just turn you over with out an
investigation or any evidence? The Taliban asked for the evidence,
Little Bush didn't want anyone putting together, just like Hitler,
that he paid to have the trade towers targeted and destroyed. It
worked great to infuriate the people of the U.S. But, the Taliban
did nothing to us in any way. They simply asked for evidence as was
their legal right and responsibility under world law. So why are we
fighting the Taliban? They followed their Bibles better than we
follow ours? One of the issues made was how they treat their women.
Read the Bible, that is how we are supposed to treat ours as well.
Would you expect the U.S. to ask for evidence and fight extradition
using the laws before turning you over to another country?

There were no weapons of mass destruction, so Iraq was not
inviolation of the U.N. resolutions. There was no reason for going
to war.

Add up those that Saddam killed in his country, and those that
President Lincoln killed in this country in the Civil War. Saddam is
the Butcher of Bagdad? Well, then add up the U.S. Soldiers,
Iraqi's, and Afgan's that have been killed by Little Bush. Does that
not make him the Murderer of the Middle East? He had no reason for
either war. The court's would have issued an order for Bin Laden if
Little Bush really had proof or overwhelming evidence. But, Bush had
a 4 year term and didn't have time to wait for the courts as he
wouldn't be able to start his wars and keep the people infuriated
for that long. Cooler heads would have prevailed if Little Bush
followed the laws that are in place to deal with this issue.

Gas prices are heading for $3, right where they are in England and
have been for years. Right where both Bush's, being oil men, wanted
them. Wall Street reports profits for BP went up 30%. Gasoline at
the pumps went up 30% in the same period. Shortage or more profits
for the oil companies? Then there is the $200 million given to
Little Bush to buy the Presidency. It came from Oil Company's. Is
Little Bush artificially inflating the prices to pay back those who
invested in purchasing the White House?

Who is responsible for these wars, lies, rising profits for the
rich? The congress is one sided, Republican's. Republican's that
don't insist their party follows the laws and doesn't do a thing to
put in check the war criminal Little Bush ... again, remember, it is
unlawful to target the leader of another nation according to Big

My solution is simple. Impeach Little Bush. The Republicans
impeached Clinton for having sex. Little Bush, without cause, is
killing our children, so he and his oil buddy friends can get rich
off of us. Under the law there was no reason for either war. The
law would have handled it and Little Bush was required by law to
follow the law, not to circumvent the law, break it, lie to the
people, award people who lied to him, etc.

Why is none of this on the news? Because if anyone would dig into
it, Little Bush would be tried as a war criminal. He has killed
more people by throwing out the laws, than Saddam did while acting
like President Lincoln and trying to keep his country intact, and
unified. Saddam did a better job of keeping peace that Little Bush
is doing in Iraq. The wrong man is on trial. Bush would put down
rebellion also. Look at the raids and arrests in this country for
suspected terrorists.

Then there is the Homeland security and Patriot Act. In WWII Hitler
had the SS who kept profiles on the people, restricted movement,
intimidated people, violated their civil rights, violated human
rights, and the entire world condemned these practices. They are not
going on here and all you here from Little Bush is remember 9/11. We
are not safe. But who are we not safe from? We are not safe from
our own Lawmakers, the Republican's, our law enFARCEment. There are
profiles on everyone of us, and if you exercise your right to free
speech, you are covertly put on list and the government taps photos
hacks email, destroys your life with invasion of privacy. The
Patriot Act, does not over ride the U.S. Constitution. A law that
is the supreme law of the land, and all Judges are Bound by it. But
even judges, just like in WWII Germany, concerned for their own
careers, are playing politics and throwing out our supreme law with
lower subordinate laws. Acts that can't exist in this country under
our supreme law.

These are observations and questions to which there have been no
answers. The major war monger media, Fox News, is a propaganda
station under the control of the FCC. Who controls the FCC? The
Republican Congress and Little Bush. So much for fair and balanced.

Until I get answers to these questions, and have these observations
addressed in an open and honest fashion (with witnesses and
evidence), my solution is to recall every Republican in Congress,
and never vote for another Republican in any office until these
matters are addressed with facts instead of political spin,
accusation, defamation, ideology. The law says "rich man poor man
beggar thief, all are entitled to equal protection of the law". That
includes the Taliban, Bin Laden, Saddam, and entitled to these laws
before all is taken from them and evidence destroyed.

Oh, I am not a fan of the Democrats either as they haven't asked or
found factual answers to any of these observations and questions.
So, as I have stated many times, 46% of this nation's voters are
either Democrat or Republican, which makes them the minority group.
One reason for attacking in Afganistan, a reason given on Fox News,
was the minority dictating to the majority. The majority in this
nation are not members of either party, have no representation in
Congress, and are having either the Democratic Party or Republican
Party, both minorities, dictating to them. So is Russia going to
declare war on the U.S. as they don't like the way we dress our
women, or the minority is dictating to the majority? Why not? We did
it to Afganistan. I think it is time we have our own majority party
and enjoy partying as we crash and eliminate the other parties who
for some reason forgot they work for us. I would bet your boss
would fire you if you lied to him or misled him. Why is it
different with Democraps and Republicants?

So Little Bush .. you war criminal ... "Kiss My Gas". You need to
be impeached. I even did a special photo for you that Princ-s will
be uploading for the group, showing you my opinion so there can be
no twisting, no political spin, no spin doctors, .... everyone
should be able to understand it clearly. The problem is Cheney went
along with all this so he is no better. So here we are, an
historical first ... impeach them both!

Think about these observations and question. How many of them tie
together over and over again? Are these all coincidences? The only
ignorant question is the one not asked.

Now what questions do you have about these "wars" and "gas prices"
that haven't been answered? What are your observations? What are the
possibilities supported by other objective views of the people, the
true owners of this country?

God Bless,
I.M. Outlaw

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