Sunday, August 28, 2005

Who shot Suge?

Check out: Suge Knight Shot In Miami, In Good Condition

When you listen to the Makavelli "Seven Day Theory" CD, you hear a whisper saying "Suge shot me". Suge was a man who embodied the whole "corporate thug" ethic, so much that in the movie "The Show",Russell Simmons said that he was "on his dick".

He was a man of respect and fear back in the day.Looks like now he is everybody's target.

I was reading one of these magazines where Crooked I was talking about being on "Tha Row" (or whatever it is named now), and he said that in LA there are gang members who think of Death Row as being like a gang. Therefore, people are targets for gang hits and attacks.

How did it all turn so much for Suge? I remember when he was the man back in the day, and all the rumors, like how he hung Vanilla Ice from a hotel balcony, or the one where he had some dudes sodomize a radio DJ, and then there were his many opponents who met violent deaths. He was a a big player in the industry, and if it wasn't for Tupac's death, he would've "gotten" every major hit maker in the industry.

Then there was the whole conflict with P Diddy (uh, Diddy, as he is called now). Now, P Diddy (who is hosting the VMA's; the irony in that can't be lost on Suge) is succesful and well liked in the music business. On the other hand, Suge can hardly get any of his artists on the radio. I don't think anybody will touch Suge with a ten foot pole.

I think that alot of the hate against Suge in general is that most blame him for Tupac's death, for Biggie's death, and for the death of all West Coast rap. When I read the story, one thing I noticed was that Suge was all alone on the floor in pain after he got hit. What about his crew, his entourage, his boyz? Damn, has it gotten that bad?

Suge is alright to me, but I think that this happening to him is an all-time low. I guess what comes around goes around. He did what he did back then, and now trouble is finding him at every turn. I hope he makes his comeback.

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