Tuesday, August 16, 2005

P Diddy now just Diddy? Say it aint so!!!!

You know you've arrived when you can turn on Comedy Central and on not just 1, but 2 shows the hosts joke about you changing your name. It was one thing to see it on John Stewart's Daily Show, but then I heard it on "Too Late With Adam Carolla", and I was like "Whoa, this is some heavy stuff!"

So, I went on the internet and checked out what sites put this "Diddy" story out there. There is a report on E! Online, of course, they ride everybody's tip. You're famous, they report when you take a dump. There's a report in my native town paper, the Hartford Courant. Of course MTV has to have it, him being that super-cool rapper guy that their crossover audience is so crazy about.You got something in USA Today. There's another story in Soundslam. Then there is the National Ledger. The list goes on, but I will stop there.

Not hating on the brotha though, he's the king of cool and a major trendsetter. It just trips me out how the media jumps on what I guess are insignificant stories especially in this day and age of so much stuff going down in the world. Also, back in the days when rappers were doing real things and begging to be noticed, the only time any rappers got recognition was when some negative stuff happened. I dunno man, it's a new world in hip hop!

1988-rappers speak out against violence; who cares?

2005-rapper drops letter from name-major news!!!

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