Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Straight Gangsta BS

Check out:Young Buck, Lloyd Banks Arrested For Gun Possession

The life of a "gangsta rapper" must be a crappy one. I mean, it's like MC Lyte said, "You're not watching the door, so what you got a gun for?" But, to have to be "strapped" even when you ain't running the streets no more is just what I'm talking about. You'd think that if somebody is just famous and rapping, they are removed from the realities of dope slanging and gangbangin'. Being a rapper is not the equivalent of being a gangbanger, or a dopeslanger, or is it? In some people's minds, especially the naive suburban kids who by "gangsta rap", the line between "gangsta" and "rapper" are blurred, and this further makes the rapper more legitimate and "real".

Another thing about this story is Young Buck's whole "F the police" routine. Young Buck went to jail for the gun possesion, then after getting out of jail:

On Tuesday afternoon (August 9) a spokesperson for the Manhattan district attorney's office said it was quite possible that Banks and Buck would miss Tuesday night's Anger Management show at the Garden, but both appeared as scheduled. Early on, Buck remarked "I'm back," and later, during the song "Playboy," Banks told the crowd, "I just spent the night in jail. Y'all better put your hands up!" At the end of the night, Buck said, "Ain't a mutha------' thing changed. It's still f--- the police! And I ain't going to jail, either."

Now, saying f the police is real coming from the Black Panthers, The Last Poets, Rodney King, and even NWA. At the time NWA did their song F the Police, that was a legimate expression of anger at police brutality. It was extreme in calling for the shooting (called "taking out" in the song) of police. But it was all fantasy, and letting off steam.

However, when Young Buck says it, he's just being an asshole more or less. Coming from the author of such ghetto nonsense like "Shorty Wanna Ride", it doesn't really represent nothing, it's all just for shock value. Although some of his tracks bump, Young Buck is probably one of these cats who never got roughed up by the police in his life. Like Tupac, he didn't "have a record until he made a record."

Carrying guns and saying "F the Police". Whatever. He might be fooling those 17 year old white kids from the suburbs who buy his records, but he isn't fooling me.

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