Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I find it really funny that some of these hip hop bloggers and board posters have nothing better to do with their time but argue over how much Sheek Louch of D Block is getting per album. Who gives a crap? Acting like they actually are doing stuff in the industry; one board poster actually said he spoke to Bone Thugs who told him how much they per album; its like, wow, y'all niggaz got friends in high places!

I mean, come on now, let the man do his thing. I don't like Sheek's style either, but Im willing to put a link up to his album on Emusic as a show of support. I don't give a crap about that petty stuff. Niggaz talking about how much he's getting an album, and these clowns couldn't even put together a verse worth recording. At least I admit I can't do it, but Im never going to get up all in the next man's ability to get his money. Then people waste their time debating about it. Funny.

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