Friday, December 30, 2005

Latino rap stuff I liked

I liked alot of the trends of this year. Latinos seemed to take the rap world by storm with the whole Reggeaton thing. Truth about Reggeaton is that it has been around for at least 10 years; and I used to buy CDs of the stuff in Latino record stores in like 1994. My favorite artist has always been El General. One song he did called "Muevelo", I can't understand, but I have a feeling its about booty.

These days, the music industry has to beat it to the ground and try to sell it to suburban white kids, which is cool and all, but Vibe going so far as to claim that Daddy Yankee is the Latino Tupac is a bit ridiculous.

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I also got into Chicano rap this year. At first I hated it, because its a bit simplistic and regional. However, like fungus, it grew on me. In at nutshell, it's Mexican gang kids rapping over oldies (r&b music from the 50s to the 70s) but Im just open minded like that; I picked up this one CD "Chicano Rap Oldies" a couple days ago, and the rappers got minimal skills, and sometimes it gets ridiculous hearing a "vato" screaming bloody murder over a slow jam, but really its quite enjoyable.

In a way, its like Trina and Twista's latest songs, in that they were rappin' over oldies; Trina over that "Tender Love" song, and Twista over that song by Ready for the World. There has always been a practice in hip hop to rap over old music anyways, but rappin' over slow old songs is cool now, and thats the whole epitome of Chicano rap.

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