Thursday, December 15, 2005

What I learned from the whole Tookie thing

I don't really feel any connection to the whole Tookie case; to me it seems like a West Coast thing; and it hasn't really had me angry or anything.

However, I can't help but think about how willing the government is to kill people to prove a point. It just makes me think about something really simple. Is the government really wanting to give people who've done wrong a fair shake? What about the whole idea of rehabilitation?

Granted, he did wrong, and in Republican circles they are trippen about the fact that Tookie's main defense that he was selling childrens books to discourage kids from joining gangs was a dud because he only sold 300 books, I mean, look, does that really matter, the # of books that he sold?

What this points to is that these Republicans don't care about rehabilitation, and the jails are not for that, they are for just locking the criminal up and throwing away the key.

So, I think the main thing that we should all learn from the Tookie thing is kids, all these videos showing you the dangerous lifestyle, don't emulate it, because these Republicans are all to willing to throw u on Death Row and throw away the key. Go to school, get a job, keep out of trouble, don't be a "gangsta". Its like that kid on the Boondocks cartoon said, "We should go to college so we don't end up like (gangsta rapper) Gangstalicous."

I think that Tookie would agree.

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