Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New York vs. the World?

I listen to hip hop from all over the world. I've brought albums from artists from Cuba, Israel, Italy, Africa, and all over.

When I read a posting like "Why Doesn't New York Accept World HipHop?" , I think about closed minded heads who only accept hip hop being one way. They think its corny for foreigners to rap, they can only accept the music from people like them, and they think that people from other countries are "perpetrating".

I don't think this at all; I think that hip hop is a forum for cultural expression. I cram to understand how closed minded cats are who can't even listen to rappers who rap in Spanish. Its like, if they only knew what a big market there is in Japan, in Germany, and even in Brazil for homegrown stuff and for American rappers. It could be a real cultural exchange, connecting people who are going through the same experiences.

But, people want to be all territorial about stuff. It trips me out how NYC rappers aren't really in the spotlight besides 50, but then NYC cats want so hard to keep it to their city.

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