Friday, December 30, 2005

R&B and "radio music"

I liked some of the R&B this year, but damn, can't somebody over 18 get some radio play? I think that the only R&B singer over 18 I can see getting radio play is Jamie Foxx, but I haven't heard his song much on the radio. Then there is Charlie Wilson, the ex-lead singer from the Gap Band, but Im not too impressed with his stuff at all.

Young Jeezy to me is just another in a line of manufactured gangstas. Last year it was the GAME, this year its Jeezy, next year, the beat goes on. Its just like Ice Cube rapped in his classic "Be True to the Game", they'll have a new nigga next year.

One artist to watch is Akon. Funny thing about Akon is that when he does that song with Jeezy, singing about having a gun in his drawers, and then he did that song about being locked up, it was all rotated on MTV and on the radio, but now he's got this song "Lonely", and I havent heard that song anywhere but on my IPod. Akon is really taleneted though, but I hope he wont be reduced to singing hooks for rappers like Nate Dogg. Hes got too much talent for that.

When is the ignorant nonsense in rap gonna stop? Radio seems to love Jermaine Dupris "Boy I Think They Like Me", D4L's "Laffy Taffy" and Nelly's "Ice Grillz". I just wanna know, when will that madness stop??????????????? Sure, people have a right to make crappy rap records, but why do rap radio stations play that as though that is all that is out? Makes no sense to me.

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