Sunday, October 03, 2004

Angela Davis, Mideast Politics, Presidential Debates, and Talib Kweli

For the last weeks I have been taking an interest in Middle East politics. I have decided in October to look over all the Middle East websites. I find naturally looking at some of those sites that there is alot going on that you don't really read about in the Western media.

I know that is the oldest cliche, to say, "Oh, well, I haven't heard them talking about this, I haven't heard them talking about, but I have this special knowledge!" Well, I don't have that attitude, but I do have a genuine concern about what goes down over there.

One site I check is News.Islamm, which draws sources from many other sites and sources, and isn't very inflammatory or jihad oriented, its more about news items. With the middle east becoming a helpless political football for more dominant powers to run rampant and prove different theories on what is good for "those people", I think that most Americans should do their own research to find out what is what in the Middle East. Right about now, it concerns me that these slick politicians can tell people anything, and they will take it hook, line and sinker. As much as I like Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11, which is out this week, I still would insist that people should see something like that, and do their homework. Don't just blindly believe what Bush or Michael Moore say. I think that this is definately a problem in this country today, and this tendency of the American people not to ask questions leads the political parties to assume that if they have slick commercials and fliers like the ones that claimed that "liberals would ban the Bible"
It just makes me mad that the intelligence of the American people is really being insulted by these politicians, and Im talking about both parties are doing it. The Republicans seem to take the whole thing overboard, and to me, the whole message becomes "Follow us, or you will be targeted for a terrorist attack, Jesus won't love you, the Republic will be destroyed, blah, blah, blah."

It's all a bunch of nonsense to me, really. Anyways, too bad today (Sunday 10/3) that the "Battle of the Bands" was cancelled because of a bomb threat. Who was behind this? When I was a Howard University, bomb threats were called in anytime a major exam was being given. It would be easy to lump this in with terrorism, but it most likely has nothing to do with that. I think it was just some kids acting stupid, trying to ruin everybody's fun, they may have had beef with some school or some band, I don't know, but it was too bad that the kids weren't allowed to have their fun.

Angela Davis was on CSPAN today, and I really got some good ideas about the woman, and I understand her alot more. For me, what I got was that this was an activist who intends to just teach and educate. Her image is commodified too much, and she's painted as this "Black Revolutionary", which to an extent she was, but this whole image was blown out of proportion. Not only that, she spoke against those people who wear and sell her face on t-shirts. That's an image given to her by other people. It was a great interview, and she touched on so much. I got it all on tape.

I heard that the new West Coast sensation "The G.A.M.E." is going to push back his album's release date because of Eminem's album which has been so highly anticipated. Of course it is expected that Eminem will go multi platinum and seal his place as hip hop's Elvis. It disappoints me that the details of the Eminem tape where he calls black women bythches and says the n word clearly is not seen as an issue. Most black rap fans defend Eminem more than anything, and they clearly don't care about the allegations. Anyways, the whole deal with the GAME is that unlike Eminem, he's subject to the black rapper threshold. The hype around him has been clear, but he still feels that Eminem's release would drown out his. However, I think that he will have limited sales anyways. Eminem appeals to so many demographics that GAME would never touch. I predict his sales will be strongest in like the South and the West Coast. I don't know if he will appeal to those on the East that much. Will the suburbs go for The GAME? Once they have been so ecstatic over Em's Encore, will they then run after "The GAME"? I don't think so. I think that the same people who brought Jadakiss, Jim Jones, Terror Squad and Young Buck's album will buy the GAME. The GAME seems to think he's more hyped than he really is. He'll come and go, I'll bet.

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