Thursday, October 07, 2004

Savior's Day, "Freestyle", Tupac

Elijah Muhammed born October 7

I'm not really a Muslim but I learned about the Honorable Elijah Muhammed at Howard University. I went to one Savior's day celebration, and there was a telecast of Louis Farrakahn speaking. I think he spoke well, I was digging it. One of my peers tried to equate Farrakahn with Hitler, but I don't think that Farrakahn has any ambition of world conquest (even though he did say Hitler was "wickedly great"). I still think I have alot to learn about this mysterious man.

On VH1 they were really killing it with their next installment of the "And You Don't Stop" series. I liked somewhat their breakdown of the Tupac/Biggie conflict. Nothing new, but what I did like was how Nelson George, Ice-T and others broke down the mentality behind what was going on. I agreed with Ice how it was crazy that Tupac was getting involved in Crip-Blood conflicts, and he didn't grow up in the LA gangbanger culture. He ultimately gave into the hype of his records, the whole "Westside Rider" persona. Snoop also made a good point and I don't know if there will be a bunch of hip hop geeks posting how Snoop said Tupac was one of the "negative" people of the time. This is a day and age when Tupac is like a patron saint of gangsta, so in hip hop circles it's almost sacrilege to say anything bad about him.

Supernatural, MC extraordianiare

However, what was really great was the "Freestyle" show that was on VH1 at 11 PM. That was the bomb, and I had always heard about Craig G, Supernatural and Juice but I heard the history through bits and pieces. They laid the whole history down and it was amazing. These cats just exist outside the mainstream of hip hop; they are like on the fringes of especially the commercial side of the culture. I hate to admit it, but VH1 is doing an excellent job in laying out the history of hip hop culture. Even though it's owned by the same company, BET has yet to impress me, because all their programs are for 15-21 year olds. Oh well.

Also, fellas, the "Black Men" magazine today put out an issue which has a gallery of all the video girls! So, if there is a video girl and you don't know her name, she will be in the magazine. Chanya Middelton was the best, I think. KING Magazine was alright, I guess I automatically get it, but it was alright.

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