Thursday, October 28, 2004

P Diddy making voting "sexy"

P Diddy is doing a national tour of different states as high-lighted in this article.

Quote: But there's no candidate -- just Sean ''P. Diddy'' Combs in all his hip-hop, hype-loving glory, working for his nonpartisan organization Citizen Change.
The mastermind behind those ''Vote or Die!'' T-shirts is flying from New York to Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Miami on a three-day tour to inform young people and minorities that voting is important and, well, ''sexy.'' being sexy. You know, it'd be really cool if the people doing the polling were 18-24 year old half naked eye candy. I bet if that happened, more men would come to the polls in droves, and I'd be the first in line.

Like Mya, for example. I seen some pictures of her in the Citizen Change website with the tight Vote or Die shirt on. Mya at the polls, I am so there. But has the "Vote or Die" craze caught on? As this quote testifies:

12:55 p.m.: A mob of students is stuffed into the 1,800-seat Cooley Auditorium, many screaming and holding up ''Vote or Die!'' signs while perched atop the theater-style seats. Before Combs appears onstage, college President Darnell E. Cole repeatedly warns the throng: ''Get off the chairs.''

So, I guess that it has more or less gotten to the kids. Diddy has said that there is no political agenda to Citizen Change or his Vote or Die thing, but this quote by Mary J Blige makes me a little doubtful about Diddy's stated agenda:

''I'm gonna get real raw,'' Blige warns. ''I saw 'Fahrenheit 9/11' and I'm about to go there. I'm not afraid because God has taught me one man can change history.''

Blige's emotional anti-war, pro-woman speech elicits a range of emotions from the crowd. Some yell ''Amen!''; others weep.

''I don't think I want to benefit from a robbery of innocent poor people's blood who did not deserve to die the same way you do not deserve to die today,'' Blige says. ''But that's what will happen if we do not vote. We will die.''

Well, the debates about the war continue, and the thing about this remark is that she's basing her stance on Fahrenheit 9/11. I liked the movie, but in my opinion the whole idea was that it was Michael Moore's opinion, and you had to really do your homework.

Interesting was Diddy's statement:

''There will be an opportunity to have a woman president, a black president, a Latino president, a gay president,'' he says. ''Anything's possible if a community flexes its power. That won't happen overnight though. We have to stay focused. We have to grow our power within politics to be able to break down those barriers.''

A gay president? Maybe if he gets Ma$e to run.

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