Monday, October 25, 2004

Tis the season for Howard University Homecoming!

HU Homecoming always reminded me of the movie "School Daze"

This week is Howard Homecoming. Even though Im like years outta Howard University, I always come back every year to go to at least one of the events. I mostly have gone back to the fashion show, I went to the step show once, the other time I tried to go it got sold out. Yesterday, I went to the gospel extravaganza. Now, I always had a certain idea about what it was like. I never went because when I was at Howard, I went mostly to the concerts and the comedy shows. However, they really spiced things up. They had the HU choir, the coolest choir I have ever seen, they had cats doing mime type stuff, they had steppers, the Bisonettes dancing to gospel. It was off the hook.

The main performer was this neo-soul gospel sista named Lisa McClendon. She was just so precious. She gave a very moving performance to that neo-soul type music. This sista poured her heart out! Every song she did just made me just focus to the point where I wanted to find out who this sista was. Even when she was talking, it made you think that this was the type of girl you could have an interesting conversation with. Even if you don't like gospel, you'd love this woman! It took the audiece of younstas a little time to really feel her. After all, most of these kids today only respond to whats on the radio. When you present something new and fresh to an audience, people really have to get into the vibe.

Being at this show made me think, why was I so closed minded when I was at Howard. I guess I thought that it was just going to be some gospel choir and really conservative type stuff. This was quite the opposite. Heck, even the women looking bangin'. Its a trip how Howard year after year brings in the bomb looking females. However, its a scary thought when I start thinking, well, when I was at Howard, this girl was like 14 years old. Scary thought indeed.

Another group of young brothers named God's Image came out looking pretty rough. It's funny, these gospel kids keep on trying to look harder and tougher. I remember back in the day when DC Talk was thought to be controversial! These kids did a powerful harmony routine. They to me were better than some of these folks I hear at the church I go to! But hey, I guess thats why these guys are touring Europe. But they were tight.

For me this year, that's it for homecoming. I was going to go to the game, but I don't think I will bother this year. I got too too much going on now. Plus, every damn activity is sold out. No step show or fashion show this year!

The official website of the Howard University Homecoming 2004, the only homecoming that counts!!

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