Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Shawnna vs. Ciara and other foolishness

Alright, right now I am digging the two starlets of the moment, Ciara and Shawnna. I haven't heard Ciara sing anything but the song with the video I've watched like ten million times, and I haven't heard Shawnna rap one bar before, and even if she did I probably ignored it. But these are two hot sistas.

Shawnna, she looks rough, kinda hood, but then she shows you she got two sides to her. She got the hat to the back, looking rough, hardcore kinda, but then she shows her six pack. It's not like back in the day when you had BO$$ wearing baggy clothes and looking like she got out of jail. Shawnna is rough, but she hot.

But I really got to give it up to Ciara. She blows Shawnna away looks wise. Shawnna is going for that masculine B-Boy stance type thing, but Ciara is like, heavenly. She is going places. I dig her.

But their music? I don't think unless I get a good hookup on or catch it on sale for like $5.00 each, I wont be checking for either.

I've been digging the hip hop history show. Even though I have seen the history of hip hop laid out numerous times, and it's a story I could tell in my sleep, I'm enjoying the week long series on VH1. I was not really surprised, but I did like how they laid out the response to "Rapper's Delight", and how it was seen by the more hardcore types who were doing the music. I always knew that one of the members stole Caz's rhymes, and even when you listen to the full 14 minute version, you hear them saying rhymes which you can tell they didn't write.

Grandmaster Caz did his own version of "Rapper's Delight", and I heard it, and on the real, if you ever hear it (link from Emusic),I don't know what you will think, but for me, it made me appreciate the original. Caz is cool, but I see why he wasn't a solo rap artist.

As for that Nelly, that "Fabulous Life" special on VH1 had too many price tags and not enough booty. Damn, Nelly, why'd you have to hold out on us? VH1 made his life seem like a series of high priced luxuries, which is cool and all, but when they started getting good, it was like a minute of big "Apple Bottom" butts. Good thing I didn't blink my eyes.

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