Sunday, October 17, 2004

Banned Videos

While I am not really worried about the banning of Eminem's video off BET (The same corporate entity, Viacom, will show the video on MTV anyways), since I really don't like the guy and thought his video stunk anyways, less known is the banning of Prince's latest video.

Apparently, the video was about racism against Arabs and the frustration they have and it's resulting anger. What has disturbed the corporate suits who want to keep people's entertainment dumbed down is:

Steve Silberfarb, president of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota, said he applauds the anti-harassment message but found a dream sequence in which the girl detonates a bomb at an airport disturbing.

I remember when Farehneit 9/11 came out some right wingers were saying that the movie was going to be used by Hizbollah to "recruit suicide bombers". Now, why would the musings and opinions of a fat goofy white guy inspire Muslim movie goers to become suicide bombers? This same kind of perspective is what scares people about Prince's video.

Even the right wing hag blowhard Michelle Malkin injected her two cents. Now, I'm thinking, who the hell cares what she wrote in her web log about anything? Apparently, this passes off as news. Its garbage:

"What it is is a washed-up pop star's crass exploitation of post-9/11 race-card-playing by Arab-American apologists for terror,'' conservative columnist Michelle Malkin wrote in her weblog.

Dumbass, why doesn't she go back to arguing about Kerry's wounds or something? Who the hell cares what she has to say anyways?

I guess the video is too dangerous for the corporate media, so only college kids get to see it at least for now:

MTV spokesman Graham James said the video is currently playing on MTVU, which is available only on college campuses. He said it would enter rotation on the flagship channel next week.

Of course it will probably be edited.

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