Friday, October 22, 2004

The Latest "Murder Dog"

I picked up the latest "Murder Dog" magazine. More than the Source, XXL, and Vibe, this magazine is pretty much anti-corporate, covering all those grimy, sleazy styles of rap coming from everywhere else but NYC. I didn't buy XXL, I didn't buy Source, and I didn't buy Vibe. I didn't buy any of those obscure backpacker magazines either, with all the focus on Talib Kweli and the Roots; and other artists like that. I like Murder Dog because they will focus on some cat from the Bay Area or Detroit who has a loyal but small following. You get the idea.

This Murder Dog had some funny quotes by Yukmouth. Yukmouth is a good example of this particular type of artist. Back in the late 90's, Bay Area rap was hot, but still largely ignored by the mainstream for the most part. His group, the Luniz, was one of a few that actually got bumped on the radio here in DC, and in DC they bump everything. On the BET messageboard, the new jack rap fans were dissing Yuck because he got beef with The G.A.M.E., and their biggest slight on him was that he flops, meaning his records don't sell.

Thing is, an artist like Yuck is not brought by the audience that will buy mostly Interscope artists. He has a small, loyal fanbase, whereas somebody like Eminem, Nelly or 50 Cent is mostly brought by that crossover audience that doesn't like rap, but will buy them because they are popular. Sure, its good to be popular, but at the same time, artists that are not popular are not necessarily bad.

Granted, most artists like Yukmouth are an acquired taste, since the production of these artists wont be as good as Dr Dre or Kanye West.Anyways, some funny Yukmouth quotes:

On XXL magazine: "A special shot (SIC) out to them dick riding muthaf--kaz XXL. All you do is s--t for G-Unit and Eminem."

F--k XXL with a double f--k!

On the "Eye Candy" section in XXL:"They give these video bi--ches five page spreads and only ask them two questions."

On Dr Dre: He is a gay nigga! Not to be like that but he is a gay ass nigga. Its cool but he is a faggot man.

On Xzibit: "He is gonna bring a back-packing nigga like Xzibit to the table and make him a gangsta rapper. That is what Dre is good at doing."

On Eminem: Pac would be with no fu--in snitches man. Or no White Elvis rapper muthaf--ka like Eminem.Pac was a revolutionary. He would not have been down with no Eminem. That would have been the first muthaf--ka that he went after.

I loved that interview! Yukmouth is the man. I've been listening to some bay area rap I've downloaded off my fav download site Emusic, and some of it is like I said about Yuck and acquired taste. If your main thing is mainstream artists, backpack rap, or hardcore NYC rap, you wont dig the Bay. But I listen to everything, so I could dig Richie Rich as much as I dig any "Dirty South" artist.

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